Refurbished Pallets – Reduce waste to Landfill

At AAA Pallets Brisbane our ultimate focus is reducing the volume of pallets which are dumped into our landfill system.  Generally we are able to refurbish slightly damaged pallets back to near new, ready for use again.  Pallets which have experienced server damage we breakdown and save the usable sections ready for use on other pallets.  This process allows for saving timber and quality control checks of our new-built pallets.

Our other divisions also specalise in reducing waste into landfill.

See us at Carton Warehouse for once used and new cardboard as well as all your other packaging needs.




See us at Polystyrene Recycling Queensland for all your polystyrene recycling requirements.







CPP Trading group Pty Ltd as a collective strives to reduce waste going to landfill.